How to Help


Below is the information I need to create and add a helmet.

I would prefer a photo but if the helmet is simple (such as no decal or uses the same decal as an NFL/NCAA team) then a good description will work. The photos need to show the facemask, decal, and any striping. Below is a good example of a good photo that was submitted that shows the helmet from a few angles. The decal was also sent by the coach.

Image of the Decal
This is the most important thing, especially if you have a unique logo. See below for a sample of a set of decals that were submitted. Photos of decals on the helmet generally aren't useable. If you don't have a digital version of your team's helmet decal, I may also be able to use a quality photo of the decal on a flat surface from a straight ahead angle. If your decal has text like the one below where there are different decals on each side then please send both.

That is about the size image I am looking for...depending on the decal I can work with smaller images but the bigger the better.

If the league info listed on this website is incorrect, please also let me know. Leagues change often in California and it's tough to keep track of league realignment.

Send this information and any photos/graphics you are able to get ahold of to

Thanks for supporting the California Helmet Project - please pass this website link on to other coaches, officials, players, and administrators who may also be able to help.