California Helmet Project

This website is an attempt to catalog every helmet from every high school in California - all 900+ of them. Please send in submissions of helmet logos, corrections, and helmet designs for ones missing from this site. I usually find most helmet images on Maxpreps but they are often a year or two out of date.

Many of the simpler designs I create from scratch, stuff with block lettering, or basic shapes - so they might be off a little, sometimes with slight differences in fonts. If you have a copy of a helmet logo, please send it and I will update the helmet graphic to make it as accurate as possible.

Helmets are created with Paint Shop Pro 10, off templates downloaded from the Missouri Helmet Project that I modified to include my own effects.

If you are affliated with a school and would like a high resolution image of your helmet, please contact me. To produce high resolution helmet images I will generally need a high resolution image of your helmet decal (again, if it's the same decal that a college or pro team uses this shouldn't be a problem - otherwise a scan of an actual helmet decal would be ideal).